Call for Papers for the Regional Helix 2016 (June 29-30, July 1)

By | January 26, 2016

The Regional Helix 2016 invites authors to submit abstracts on the following topics:

  1. Regional Triple Helix Ecosystems and Internationalization
  2. Triple Helix interactions in less favoured regions
  3. Comparison of best practices among regional Triple Helix spaces
  4. Attracting human resources for regional research and innovation and counteracting brain drain
  5. Government policies for companies and higher education institutions
  6. Synergy between EU research, innovation and development funds
  7. Entrepreneurial Academia: University’s third mission and Triple Helix
  8. Innovation and entrepreneurship and regional smart specialization
  9. Industry-Academia interactions and Sustainability
  10. Knowledge and technology transfer Academia-Industry
  11. Technological entrepreneurship and rural entrepreneurship: start-ups and spin-offs
  12. Clusters, sectors and regional competitiveness
  13. Design and territorial development
  14. Innovation and Technology Transfer on Mechatronics
  15. Open innovation and collaborative projects
  16. Venture capital and entrepreneurship
  17. Intellectual and industrial property in Triple Helix context
  18. From research to market: Triple Helix models for success
  19. Triple Helix case studies
  20. Indicators/Measurement of Triple Helix interactions and dynamics
  21. Big Data in Triple Helix context

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