The Chapter of Greece


The THA Chapter in Greece (an international chapter of the Triple Helix Association) intends to promote analyses and studies on the interaction between universities, firms and government aimed at translating academic models into practical achievements also by supporting international exchange of scholars, by educating scholars in the field of THA’s mission, by organizing international symposia of relevant scientific interest and assisting the education of students, scholars and practitioners in its areas of interest, by providing a common discussion framework for triple helix actors in order to engage in regional development of Greece and of the South East European Region through boosting the innovation capacity, encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship and through building knowledge by fighting the regional brain drain.

Starting from the idea that the THA Chapter in Greece represents an initial pilot activity of developing a THA Chapter in the South East European region, the aims of the THA Chapter in Greece are split in two main areas: organizational aims (establishment, growth, sustainability of the Chapter’s team) and content aims (building on the THA vision and further enhancing it).

Organizational aims

The THA Chapter of Greece aims to:

  • Create a sound team of members from academia, industry and government in order to be able to draft a sustainable agenda, code of practice, agree on the specific goals, and Chapter continuity issues.
  • Secure sufficient funding to support the chapter in its operations, by relying on each partner’s funding application capacity and on the possibility of obtaining governmental funding by demonstrating the long term benefits of the Chapter.
  • After reaching certain maturity, in order to start the preparations for expanding the Chapter, international partners will be involved in specific showcases of best practices from the content aims of the THA Chapter in Greece. Based on the observed experience in Greece, proper actions will be taken together with the international partners to make proposal for the Chapter’s expansion.

Specific activities

Overall, the main aim of the THA Chapter in Greece is to create an effective dialog among the national / multi-national entities in order to bolster the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity and properly engage in the regional development of Greece and the South East European region. The following activities are planned:

  • Organization of roundtables and workshops
  • Participation to Triple Helix Association International Conferences
  • Research, benchmarking and analysis of the needs of university, industry and academia towards the development of proper mechanisms that will enable co-creation.

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