The Triple Helix Chapter of Greece Actively Engaged in the Triple Helix Conference 2018

By | September 8, 2018

The Triple Helix Association Chapter of Greece (THA Greece) took part in the 16th Triple Helix Conference (THC 2018) during 5th– 8thSeptember 2018 in Manchester, UK.  The chapter was represented by Prof Panayiotis Ketikidis(THA Greece President), Dr Adrian Solomon(THA Greece Operations Manager) and by Mr Besart Hajrizi (THA Greece PhD Candidate).

The THA Greece team.


Prof Ketikidis (left) together with Prof Henry Etzkowitz (middle) the creator of the triple helix model (Stanford University) and Dr Solomon.

The team was engaged in key activities that ensure the leadership of the association:

  • Prof Ketikidis took part in the annual Executive Committee of the Global Triple Helix Association(THA) where is a Board Member setting the organization’s triple helix events strategy for the upcoming period.
  • Dr Solomon was engaged in working sessions for acquiring future EU funding with top innovators and companies, members of the THA.
  • The business model of the THA Chapter of Greece was show-cased by Dr Solomon & Prof Ketikidis in a dedicated panel in order to serve as experience-sharing for other chapters. This activity is aimed at cross-chapter experience sharing as well as at eventually paving the way for new chapters.
  • Dr Solomon & Prof Ketikidis delivered a responsible research and innovation (RRI) training as part of a dedicated workshop focusing on the FIT4RRIproject in which the South East European Research Centreis a project partner. RRI is deemed to be the next trend in R&D departments and FIT4RRI is one of the top projects aiming to innovate in this field.
  • Mr Hajrizi delivered a presentation from his PhD research entitled “Internal and External SME-university interaction determinants: empirical evidence in a transitional economy”.

The full program of the conference can be found here.

The conference ended with an Official Gala held at the prestigious Manchester Museum of Science and Technology where Prof Ketikidis announced several of the Conference Awards:




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