Roundtable Discussion on Technological innovation: how can it be achieved ?

By | August 31, 2014

In order to address the need for technological innovation, a Technology Forum was organized on the 25th of June 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece by SEPVECERTHSEVE  with the support of University of Macedonia and the Aristotle University. The event took places under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology.

The forum closed with a round table discussion delivered by the Triple Helix Association Chapter of Greece with the subject: “Technological innovation: how can it be achieved”. The moderator of the discussion was Prof. Ketikidis, the President of the THA Chapter of Greece. The following panellists were engaged:

  • Theodoros Mylonas ( Chairman of SEPVE )
  • Athanasios Konstantopoulos ( Chairman of CERTH )
  • Dimitrios Lakasas ( former chairman of SEVE and President of Alexander Zone for Innovation
  • Athanasios Savvakis (Chairman of SBBE)

You can watch the video-recording of the event here:

First video:

Second video:

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