XIV Triple Helix Conference 2016: Triple Helix Models of Innovation –Addressing Ecosystem Challenges in the Era of Crises

Facebook Follow on Twitter Forward to a Friend Triple Helix International Conference Series the forum of the Triple Helix discourse and debate THC XIII 2015, Beijing, China THC XIV 2016, applications for hosting the conference are open! Triple Helix the Official Journal of the Triple Helix Association Helice the quarterly Magazine of the Triple Helix Association with more than 1.500… Read More »

The 14th Triple Helix Conference 2016 will be held in Heidelberg, Germany, on 25-27 September

After China and Russia, the THA is pleased to announce its upcoming XIV International Conference will come back to Europe! The Conference will be held inHeidelberg, Germany, on 25-27 September 2016 with the main Theme: “Triple Helix Models of Innovation”.  The Conference is organized by the THA in cooperation with the International Triple Helix Institute, Silicon Valley,… Read More »

Call for Papers for the Regional Helix 2016 (June 29-30, July 1)

The Regional Helix 2016 invites authors to submit abstracts on the following topics: Regional Triple Helix Ecosystems and Internationalization Triple Helix interactions in less favoured regions Comparison of best practices among regional Triple Helix spaces Attracting human resources for regional research and innovation and counteracting brain drain Government policies for companies and higher education institutions… Read More »

Triple Helix interactions and Open Innovation Webinar, Southern Africa

The talk will cover the following themes, using South Africa as an example of an emerging market struggling (from our perspective) to create a coherent national system of innovation: Overview of the THS and OI activities RIIS is undertaking; Organic vs synthetic development of triple helix interactions; Resource allocation by TH actors in emerging markets… Read More »


Η Αλεξάνδρεια Ζώνη Καινοτομίας (AZK) με την χρήση του Τριπλού/Τετραπλού Έλικα θα κινηθεί πάνω σε 3 βασικούς άξονες το 2016. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες πατήστε εδώ.